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Catalpa trees planted on the high plains of colorado at Regen Farms

Catalpa trees on their way to RegenFarms on the high plains of Colorado. Dave thanks for the trees!Catalpa trees in transit to RegenFarms

Two trees in the same pot. Their roots were really tangled together. It took longer to separate them than to plant the previous 6. I think it was worth it since they were wrapped around each other.image

Catalpa trees roots tangled


Long catalpa tree roots bare

Mini swale trench around catalpa tree to catch and hold water enabling it to soak in rather than running off.

8 catalpa trees planted along west border. The neighbors horses are ready for some shade and these are so poised to be fast growing.
West Row of Catapla trees on the High Plains of Colorado

2 catalpa trees on food forest over story swale replacing 2 trees that did not survive the second summer. A bur oak and black cherry have been replaced.
2 catalpa trees on food forest over story swale