The cows are back and I have a mess of wires

The cows decided to go exploring last week.  They were fine until I decided to come back and check the fence before leaving for the day.  I must of surprised them because they took off like I was the big bad wolf trying to eat them.  They jumped the electric fence, ran through a barbed wire fence and then when the one came back she ran about half a mile away.  Through the gate I left open, DOH.  After two hours of trying to get her back I have up since I was heading out of town.

Aluminum and tape mess

When I came back my neighbor said the smaller heifer made her way to his pasture with his cows but he had not seen the other one.   He suggested I head south and look since that is where his cows once went. I found her in a pasture to the south with two other cows.  Then my neighbor helped me get her all the way back to his pasture.  He was in his truck and after a few minutes I was on foot crossing the creek trying to convince her to head north.  Finally with food to bribe her we got here to the his pasture with the other cows.  The cows then started working on a pecking order.

The next day I had to take down some wire and tape to put up a temporary fence to get them back to Regen Farms.  In the process I created a huge mess of wires.  I will never take down fence again without a handheld reel to keep it contained.