The water well works again

The water well and pump were replaced this past week.  I’d been taking water out weekly for two months or so for the cows and the plants.  It had not rained in almost two months so some of the newer trees needed water and all the plants appreciated the water.  And now I appreciate not having to go out ever 7 days with 180 Gallo s in the back of the truck. The water timers and drip system are again giving most of the plants water.

Harvesting Asparagus seeds in Colorado

When you end up with female asparagus plants and some males for pollination you will end up with lots of red asparagus seed pods.  Many people say to dig the female plants up bimageut we are going to try growing new plants from them.  Which we can sell or plant for our use.

Each pod contains black seeds and I’ve read that it is good to take them out and I’ve read it is best to leave them in the pods so I’m hoping both ways will work well.  We are definitely going to be harvesting asparagus in 2016 since that will be the 3rd year for the asparagus.  And if you live somewhere with late frost like Colorado you might as well harvest any asparagus that will freeze and die rather than letting it die back in the field.