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Transplanting apple trees grown from seeds

Transplanting apple trees grown from seeds.  Since they have 4 or more real leaves they were transplanted to larger pots.  To sprout apple seeds place the seeds in a plastic zip lock bag with a damp paper town and place them in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks or more.  When you see the seeds sprouting you take them out and place them in pots and keep them moist.  Bury the seeds a few millimeters under the soil.

Apple trees grown from seeds
Apple trees grown from seeds.

The larger pots were placed in a larger container to control the extra water since they are still being kept indoors to keep them from freezing.

sea berry, sea buckthorn cuttings without roots after several monts
sea berry, sea buckthorn cuttings without roots after several monts


Planting Apple Trees in the Fall in Colorado

This past week I planted the two yellow delicious apple trees I bought at the end of the season.  I decided to plant them at the homestead for a few reasons including to provide more shade for the chickens and because the apple trees already here produced so well this year.

After hearing about how well some trees planted in the fall have done in Texas I excited to be planting some and am looking at buying more to plant at RegenFarms.  Some to replace the ones that died this summer.

First I removed the roots from the pot.

Apple tree root ball

Then I untangle as many of the roots as possible to keep them from strangling each other as they grow.  Also when I place them in the hole I spread them out in as many directions as possible.  This should help the tree establish and grow easier and give it a wider and thus stronger base to ground itself.

Apple tree root ball expanded

I place the trees into a soupy mix of water and mud.  I then pulled the roots away from the center and stick them in the mud and or place heavy dirt on top of them to keep them in place.


This is the tree at the corner of the permanent pen but in an area near the temporary runs I setup for the chickens.  The other tree is directly in front of the permanent pen which will provide the chickens shade much like the large apple tree to the left of this new one.

Yellow Delicious Apple Tree Planted in fall