Adding Honey Super Bee Update Colorado

Yesterday the 10th of August I added a honey super to the bee hive. The honey super is used to collect honey. It should only have honey placed inside of it because the queen been can not get to it since I added a queen excluder between the honey super and the hive.

I only put five frames inside the honey super instead of all ten. Was this a mistake?  Would the bees like it better if it was all filled in with 10 frames instead of 5?  I’m not sure.

I added the honey super after seeing that the bees had filled most all of the 2nd hive box I added a few weeks ago.  I was told that the bees fill the outside frames last so I pulled one of those out to make sure they had filled it.  It looked filled to me!

This morning I headed downstairs to get the camera I used to film the adding of the honey super and I found a bee on top of the bee hive separator piece I removed. Then I moved my bee veil thinking I’d put it on and take the bee back to the hive when I discovered another bee. I’m not sure how to tell how old a bee is but one looked rather small and neither of them flew. I’m assuming they were young. So I took them out side on top of the veil. By this time they had made contact with each other. I sat them by the hive. When I came back several minutes later I realized they were still there so I placed them inside the honey super so as they are back in the hive.

Here is a great BBC special on bees. I learned a lot like how bees have different jobs as they age with gathering nectar and pollen being their last job.