Colorado Comfrey dividing for next year

I found some time to divide some of my Bocking 4 Comfrey plants this week. The large plants are very impressive. If next year is as good as this year we will have quite a bit of Colorado comfrey for sale.

This was a one or two year crown planted last fall.
Comfrey Bocking 4 before digging

Another large crown.
Comfrey Bocking 4 before digging

The roots extending about 2 feet.
Comfrey crown cut in half

Large crown cut in half.

Comfrey root cuttings.
Comfrey roots cut from crown

I cut and planted these for more production next year. I need to divide the row of small root cuttings I planted last year. I should have spaced the more than 6 inches apart!
Comfrey root cuttings in hand