Asparagus and comfrey bocking 4 updates

Sun burn asparagusThis weekend I weeded just over 500 feet of asparagus we planted this year.  I enjoyed pulling out the young tumble weeds.  They are great and appearing  where I’ve disturbed the soil.  I should have had a longer shirt or sunscreen.  I ended up with about a 1 inch sunburn across my lower back since I weeded on my hands and knees.

I dug up two if the bocking 4 comfrey plants that I planted last year to move them to our new house.  I cut away most of their stems and leaves which I will use to make comfrey tea.  About a week ago I picked a lot of the common comfrey from the new house and put it in a bucket with water and it is already stinky and turning the  water black.  So far so good.
Bocking4 comfrey