First Bee Hive in Colorado Update

Bee hive 2 boxes and feeder boxThis year we got our first hive so we are learning a lot about bees.  The top box only has the gallon of sugar water.  The middle box is the box we just added.  It took the bees a little less than two months to fill the first box.

The bees arrived on May 3rd.   They were placed in a 10 frame hive.  Their shipping container was placed in the hive rater than knocking them into the hive.  I thought that was nicer for them and I didn’t want to irritate them.  You could also note I was scared of them.

I they were giver sugar water as well as a bee patty.  The queen was placed in her shipping g cage with a marsh mellow keeping her in place for a few days.

A week or so later I removed the shipping container and inserted the other frames.  Then only their sugar water was replenished.  The mix is 5 pounds of sugar in a one gallon container.

Fast forward to June 27th.  The bees now have another 10 frame box on top of their original box.  And it looked like they were ready for it since they had build comb on all the original frames and now were building comb on the bottom of the separator panel.

Sugar water was sprayed in the air.  The bees were rather calm with the hive being open and the extra comb being scraped off.

A little bit of honey was in the comb so we had our first taste of local honey.