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Comfrey Bocking 4 transplanting and dividing

Today I planted the comfrey I dug up from the past residence over a week ago. I kept it in a rubber storage bin with some dirt and water. Some of the larger crowns started producing new leaves since they were cut and dug up.

The blocking varieties of comfrey can only be propagated from root cuttings. Thus I cut some of the roots and divided some of the crowns.

Comfrey Bocking 4 transp


Splitting a Comfrey Crown

I cleared a while section of the garden thinking I was going to plant the comfrey there them I remembered that removing Comfrey can be difficult and there is already some in the garden so I decided to use some space just outside the garden. I think we will have enough nocking 4 comfrey and surely common comfrey to sell some next year.
Planted Comfrey Bocking 4 Crowns

Common Comfrey Patch in Colorado

I poked my head inside a stand of scrub oak and what did I find?

Common Comfrey Growing in scrub oak stand in Colorado

This comfrey has larger leaves and looks healthier than the comfrey in direct sunlight.  I think I can make a whole lot of comfrey tea!  Good reason to buy some more buckets.  I’m glad this acreage has the common comfrey that spreads by seed.  It is growing place I would not have planted it and thus is improving the area without labor.


Comfrey tea making

Bocking 4 comfrey stems, leaves and flowers blended with a blender to speed up the time it takes to break down for a fertilizer.bocking 4 comfrey blended for tea

The first batch of comfrey tea I started was with the leaves of common comfrey added to a bucket with water. The leaves were not chopped. It only took a few days for the smell and black water to appear.
Common comfrey fertilizer tea