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Spreading Common Comfrey

Last week when I was headed on a road trip to Lincoln Nebraska I thought it was a good time to spread some of the Common Comfrey seeds that are on my property.

The road we take next to the interstate has some bare areas so I’m hoping the comfrey will establish near there. I threw seeds out the window as I drove by. I also took some seeds all the way to Lincoln to see if thy would grow there. Time will tell if the seeds grow.

These seeds are very sticky in that they are like Velcro when they touch fabric.

Common Comfrey plant with dried seeds

In this climate the comfrey produces seeds and mostly does during the warm months and then starts growing again when it cools off.

Common Comfrey Patch in Colorado

I poked my head inside a stand of scrub oak and what did I find?

Common Comfrey Growing in scrub oak stand in Colorado

This comfrey has larger leaves and looks healthier than the comfrey in direct sunlight.  I think I can make a whole lot of comfrey tea!  Good reason to buy some more buckets.  I’m glad this acreage has the common comfrey that spreads by seed.  It is growing place I would not have planted it and thus is improving the area without labor.